Tamba Coffee

More than 25 years of experience

We are a handful of farmers who own more than 200 hectares of farm area on Red basalt, autonomous from preliminary processing to finished coffee powder

Roasting machine system

We always believe that Coffee Roaster is also one of the factors that contribute to quality coffee. So Tamba coffee is also roasted with modern foreign technology such as Diedrich Roasters, Probat. Ensure the characteristic natural taste of the coffee

Team, Roasting Technique

The trained, professional system, bringing safety in operation, ensuring hygiene while working. Set up an order processing plan

Grinder system

In addition to roasting to ensure taste, also the program Roast the product very well. Must include modern foreign grinders for powder coffee products that customers want to come. We use two lines of Grinders, such as Mahlkonig EK43s and Mahlkonig VTA 6s. Keep the pure, rustic taste of the coffee

Working process

Receiving Raw coffee -> Checking input -> placing into roaster -> Finished products -> inserting into the tank -> Receiving orders for roasting -> Bagging beans and flour as required by customers -> Delivery

Cà Phê Tamba

Tamba Service And Production Company Limited

Address: 117 Trần Phú St, Diên Hồng Ward, Pleiku City, Gia Lai Province
Hotline: 0888 55 55 81