Core values

"Want to keep the taste from the efforts of cultivation and preliminary processing, the roaster must be enthusiastic enough to produce a uniform of quality as well as flavor"

Tamba Coffee

More than 25 years of experience

We are a handful of farmers who own more than 200 hectares of farm area on Red basalt, autonomous from preliminary processing to finished coffee powder


To manage more than 200ha, we have spent more than 25 years learning to experience on this land, so that now we can be confident in the quality and output of more than 1,000,000 tons per year


First water, second fertilizer’ With six months of sunshine each year, self-digging reservoirs and water circulation on the farm is always the top concern, so with three self-digging lakes and passing irrigation canals is an advantage

Water system

Productivity is always the top priority for every farmer. But want to good productivity, the soil must be full of nutrients. The most important is healthy. So we complete using microbiological fertilizers to help the soil stay healthy through each other season


The flavor, taste, and deliciousness of coffee more than 50 percent lie in preliminary processing, selecting ripe fruit, removing spoiled fruit, raw, drying, and preserving. This period requires a person with a range and mind, the quality of the coffee will put into a new position


The ranch is located in the middle of the land of the mountain people., Dong Bao Jarai people are friendly, gentle, and a bit shy, by working with the people for many years it has helped us realize our responsibility to this community. Such as creating jobs, guiding them to self-cultivation, and gradually becoming Key players in Farm jobs


Coffee is not a simple model. It needs a worker who loves the job, is eager to learn, and knows how to change with each roasting pattern. The achievements of many people are the best recognized in the aftertaste sweetness, the aroma that captivates the drinker

Tamba Coffee

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