Tamba Coffee

We specialize in providing Raw Coffee and Coffee Roasters from our farms

Tamba Coffee

“We understand the value of a Good Coffee Cup rather than our achievements to be recognized”

Quality is created from fertile land and enthusiastic people)

We are a handful of farmers who own more than 200 hectares of farm area on Red basalt, autonomous from preliminary processing to finished coffee powder

Tamba Coffee

The flavor is created by coffee lovers

The ranch is located in the middle of the land of the mountain people., Dong Bao Jarai people are friendly, gentle, and a bit shy, by working with them for many years it has helped us realize our responsibility to this community. Such as creating jobs, guiding them to self-cultivation, and gradually becoming Key players in Farm jobs

Tamba Coffee

Our products

We offer specially processed Green Coffee for flavor and quality, as well as Pre-Ground Roasted Coffee for busy customers

Tamba Coffee

Why choose us!

More than 25 years of experience learning, so that now can be confident in the quality of the output

  • Large-scale farm 200 hectares. Production capacity 1,000 tons / year.
  • We use only compost to keep the soil healthy every season.
  • With three self-digging lakes and an irrigation canal passing by is an advantage.
  • We preprocess and selection of ripe fruit, discarding spoiled fruit, raw, dry, and preserved.
  • Best recognized in the aftertaste sweetness, the aroma that captivates the drinker
Tamba Coffee

Our Partner

Cafe Tamba

Cty TNHH Sản Xuất Và Dịch Vụ Tamba

Địa chỉ: 117 Trần Phú Phường Diên Hồng Tp Pleiku Tỉnh Gia Lai
Hotline: 0888 55 55 81